Org. Design

Is your organization ready for your strategy?

Most organizations can't fully execute their brilliant strategies. What's missing is an effective organizational design that supports the strategy.


65% of people are mismatched to their roles.*

Most people are placed in roles above or below their capabilities.

*PeopleFit TPE data 1995-present.


74% of leaders have been set up to fail.

The right people in the wrong roles and relationships will paralyze your leadership effectiveness.

Organizational Design and Talent Assessment for an Engaged Workforce

PeopleFit practices Organizational Design to create high performance organizations by unleashing the best in each person in the workforce. PeopleFit’s process is called “Requisite Organization” – the most powerful tool for creating extraordinary organizations.

How We Do It

Assess - Align - Engage - Results

PeopleFit has the assessments, tools, and insights to help you create a more engaged and profitable workforce. From selection to management to succession planning, PeopleFit has a complete solution for your most important resource – Your People.

With proper Organizational Design, typical organizational problems simply go away.  How does this work?

Your organization likely has misfits – people who are not in their optimal roles. Our research with over 4,400 people found that on average, 2/3 of an organization’s workforce is mis-matched. This poor fit reduces engagement, productivity, and ultimately – profitability.

PeopleFit solves this problem through organizational structure and leadership solutions based on Requisite Organization. Requisite Organization is the only science-based, total systems approach for integrated talent management, organization design, and managerial leadership.

Results:  Our clients say that PeopleFit’s consulting enabled the following results (just a small sample):

  • Doubled revenues from $175 million within 12 months (after 7 years of 0.2% growth)
  • Cut workplace injuries by 50%
  • Reduced customer complaints by 40%
  • Increased engagement, innovation, accountability, productivity, and profitability

PeopleFit turns your strategy into real results.

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