About PeopleFit

At PeopleFit, we believe that:

  • Employees are your only sustainable competitive advantage.
  • If you take care of your people, they will take care of business.
  • Management decisions should be based on an objective, scientifically proven system…
  • and that system should be based on fairness and trust for all involved.

Building High-Performance Cultures

Since 1981, PeopleFit has helped clients improve their systems and processes for organization design, talent assessment, and managerial leadership. PeopleFit transformed a total-systems model, Requisite Organization, into functional tools and practical training which allow you to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your organization.

PeopleFit is a company of training professionals with varied backgrounds who think deeply about organizational issues and the leader’s role. We turn that thinking into practical, effective training and consulting that transforms organizations, providing more alignment, speed, and trust – yielding an engaged workforce for our clients.

PeopleFit’s Purpose

At PeopleFit, we know there’s a better way to do business. We are committed to bringing better, more trustworthy and fair management practices to companies around the world.

We want to have an impact by unleashing the human spirit through better-designed organizations.

When companies build effective organizations, people are released to use their creativity, passion, and knowledge to advance those organizations. We have the tools to make this happen, and we want people to know about and use them to improve workplaces around the world.

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What People are Saying

PeopleFit introduced us to the concepts of Requisite Organization and helped us apply them to our chaotic situation. I’ve seen the difference they make. We are working normal hours now, and my emails are down from several hundred to 75 per day. My department is no longer a roadblock. We are resolving 90% of customer complaints within our 30 day goal and we are delivering customer surveys in a matter of weeks when it used to take months. The quality of my hiring decisions is better. I’ve hired four people in the last year and they have all been stellar performers, and people are staying longer than two weeks! These concepts inform all my processes now. When I make changes, when I create new roles, when I hire, these concepts are always on my mind.
Marcy Matlosz, Global Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc.