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Barry Deane has more than 20 years knowledge and experience of the practical use of Requisite Organization in the workplace. He has worked in a variety of line management and senior executive roles in the heavy engineering and mining industries in Australia and across the world. Mr. Deane specializes in multidisciplinary project management and integrated business/HR systems consultation using an Requisite Organization foundation.

After being approached by clients interested in adopting RO models as a means to reaching industry leader status, Mr. Deane developed consultative management training processes to help organizations understand, adopt, and sustain RO practices. His consulting experience includes business strategy formulation to include new venture and due diligence investigations, technology transfer, mergers, and leadership development.

Mr. Deane holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and serves as a Fellow for the Institution of Engineers Australia. He can be reached at:

Shelia Deane has experience in leadership, business policy and systems development and implementation, change management, training, strategic and operational human resource management and corporate downsizing. She has human resource management and line management experience in retail, manufacturing and heavy engineering industries. A seasoned executive coach and group facilitator, Ms. Deane has extensive experience designing and implementing RO-based “people systems” to include recruitment, selection, role definition, and performance management systems.

An expert in organizational relationship management, Ms. Deane trains managers in effective managerial leadership, reporting relationships and cross functional working relationships. Some four years ago, she and Barry found an opportunity to try a different approach to communicating the Requisite Organization ideas and were successful. Since that time, they delivered our material to some 500 line managers (at all levels) and have found this to be successful as the start of a long-term implementation process. Ms. Deane holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Diploma in Personnel Management from the Institute of Personnel Management, South Africa.

Mark Kaminski is a professional non-executive director and former Director and CEO of a US manufacturing company which he grew from $240million to $2billion in sales. Mark graduated in science and has a Harvard Business School Advanced Management Degree. Mr. Kaminski had extensive early experience in manufacturing and sales. His later experience in business leadership included extensive change leadership, turning around an under-performing company and driving significant business growth.

Craig Tamlin has had a 25 year career largely based in the IT sector, with senior specialist and management roles in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and the USA. He has worked in a variety of organisations, including over 16 years with IBM, then as Australia & NZ manager of US storage giant, Quantum. More recently Craig was CEO of a technology SME in Perth.
Craig has a passion for structuring business with the culture, systems and organisational methods for success. He is a strong proponent of the Requisite Organization methodologies, and truly seeks to see employees excel in their work by providing the right conditions for success.
Craig holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Information Processing. He joined PeopleFit in June 2008 as General Manager, and heads up PeopleFit’s Perth operation.
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PeopleFit introduced us to the concepts of Requisite Organization and helped us apply them to our chaotic situation. I’ve seen the difference they make. We are working normal hours now, and my emails are down from several hundred to 75 per day. My department is no longer a roadblock. We are resolving 90% of customer complaints within our 30 day goal and we are delivering customer surveys in a matter of weeks when it used to take months. The quality of my hiring decisions is better. I’ve hired four people in the last year and they have all been stellar performers, and people are staying longer than two weeks! These concepts inform all my processes now. When I make changes, when I create new roles, when I hire, these concepts are always on my mind.
Marcy Matlosz, Global Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc.