Your organization likely has misfits – people who are not in their optimal roles. Our research with over 4,000 people found that 2/3 of an organization’s workforce on average is mis-matched. This poor fit reduces engagement, productivity, and ultimately – profitability.

PeopleFit solves this problem through organizational structure and leadership solutions based on Requisite Organization. Requisite Organization is the only science-based, total systems approach for integrated talent management, organization design, and managerial leadership.


Our clients say that PeopleFit’s consulting enabled the following results (just a small sample):

  • Doubled revenues from $175 million within 12 months (after 7 years of 0.2% growth)
  • Cut workplace injuries by 50%
  • Reduced customer complaints by 40%
  • Increased engagement, innovation, accountability, productivity, and profitability

PeopleFit turns your strategy into real results.

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PeopleFit has the assessments, tools, and insights to help you create a more engaged and profitable workforce. From selection to management to succession planning, we have a complete solution for your most important resource – Your People.


PeopleFit’s process:

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CONTACT US TODAY for a complimentary 30 minute discovery session to see how we can help.

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