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The PeopleFit Engagement Process


During the assessment stage, PeopleFit  works with your leadership team to accomplish three primary goals:

Educate – PeopleFit provides the introductory workshop called Managerial Diagnostics, which is the first step to understanding the Requisite Organization design principles that PeopleFit uses. At the end of this workshop, managers will have a set of tools and a common language to use when discussing staff capability and organizational design.

Assess Roles – PeopleFit will guide the role assessment activity to assess each role in the organization (at least the top few levels) for the level of requirement needed for effective execution. Decisions about these levels will be made by the manager of the role, the manager once removed (manager’s manager), and often other managers at the level above the role. The outcome is clarity about the capability required for each role.

Judge People’s Capability – PeopleFit will guide the process to judge peoples’ current potential capability. This will be done in an iterative process with the leadership team and direct supervisors. The outcome is having the raw material for matching people to roles.


Once roles and people have been assessed and assigned levels of capability/requirement, PeopleFit will generate a report that shows the current status of the organization and issues with misalignment. By repositioning roles in the organizational structure and moving people to more appropriate positions where their capability matches their roles, the organization will become more aligned and effective.


When the organization has been properly “geared” between role requirements and people capabilities, the next step is to give managers the tools and authority to execute their roles. The outcome of engaged managers is a more engaged workforce, accountability and productivity. Typically, organizations will also experience a much more fulfilling work environment and better quality of life because significant friction is removed from the system.


The end result of all of this is a highly productive and capable workforce with consistent management practices that are based on fairness and trust. Managers will have more competence in their roles, and all employees will experience a greater sense of connection to the organization.


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