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PeopleFit uses Requisite Organization principles. The following is a brief description of Requisite Organization and how it can help you as a manager.

What Behaviors Do Your Management Systems Drive? What Values Do They Communicate?

Systems drive behavior and communicate values. Most management systems within organizations lack coherent integration and create stressful conflicts of interests. Because of this, most organizational dysfunction can be traced to deficient systems and not individual employee shortcomings.
However, most mainstream management models focus on fixing individual employees through training or coaching, rather than addressing systemic issues that drive dysfunctional behavior.

Requisite Organization – A Total System Approach for Integrated Talent Management, Organization Design and Managerial Leadership

Requisite Organization is a scientific, total-systems model for organization design, talent management, and managerial leadership backed by decades of research led by the late Dr. Elliott Jaques. The model provides a theoretical base and common language for measuring work complexity and human capability that allows for sane-making, systems-level design solutions for organizational effectiveness.
Use of the model allows organizations to systematically:

  • Match employees to roles that allow for the fullest expression of their gifts.
  • Match employees to managers who can provide them satiating leadership.
  • Structure the organization to catalyze free flow of communication and leadership both vertically and horizontally.
  • Clarify accountabilities and authorities to enable productive work.
  • Codify effective managerial leadership practices.

Helping Executives Design Systems and Managers Lead Effectively

PeopleFit uses the Requisite Organization model as a blueprint to help executives design sane-making people systems. Additionally, PeopleFit has translated the model into practical managerial tools and processes to help managers be successful leaders.

Building Leadership Capability

PeopleFit’s requisite consulting and training is carried out in partnership with your organization’s executive and managerial leadership with an eye toward building your organization’s leadership capability.

Introduction to Requisite Organization Training

Our interactive course, Managerial Diagnostics, is also known as Introduction to Requisite Organization. This one-day course introduces participants to the foundation concepts and principles and provides participants with the opportunity to immediately apply their knowledge to diagnose common organizational performance issues.

Do Your Systems Help or Hinder Productive Work?

Work is a psychological imperative for humans, and as such it, has the potential to be a noble, highly-gratifying expression of a unique human soul.
Unfortunately, ignorance surrounding work levels and human capability cause organizations to unwittingly thwart and frustrate workers more often than they create conditions for the full expression of their gifts.
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