Driving Accountability and Engagement

Accountability and Engagement Starts with Leadership

An accountability and engagement culture can only be build at the hands of an organization’s line managers.  Hence, managerial leadership effectiveness is the only path to accountability and engagement.

This two-day interactive training course alternates short teachings with practical application to systematically build managerial leadership capability.  This course provides managers with tools, templates, and techniques for carrying out their managerial leadership accountabilities.

Topic Areas Include:

  • The Leadership Framework
  • Building Engagement Fundamentals
  • Organization Design Principles
  • Matching Employees to Roles
  • Accountability Mapping
  • Managerial Authority
  • Levels of Work
  • Managerial Leadership Practices
  • Performance Management
  • Task Assignment
  • Systems’ Influence upon Behavior
  • Working in Teams

Integrated, Proven, Reliable, Valid – Unique

The training course is based upon a total-systems model for managerial leadership and organization design backed by over 50 years’ research, Requisite Organization.   Because of this, all the components of this course support and reinforce one another.  Most organizations suffer at the hands of piecemeal leadership systems which create conflicts of interest that drive dysfunctional behavior.

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What People are Saying

We have just re-structured our organization to reflect the Talent Pool Evaluation work we with PeopleFit in the Fall. The information has been invaluable in identifying high potentials as well as some talented employees that we needed to utilize more effectively. We also used the progression charts and information to staff a special project team we deployed to a sister plant on the West Coast for a critical project and then absorbed the team members back into positions on the East Coast that best used their talents in a way that added value to the organization. Our decisions were guided by PeopleFit’s three point model which includes their cognitive capability, their education and experience, their preferences and their strengths- what a win for everyone!
Diane Cox, Organizational Development Consultant, Novo Nordisk