Interviewing for Raw Talent

65% of Employees are Mismatched to their Roles

Managers, by definition, get work done through others.  Their ability to choose candidates whose capability matches the role constitutes a critical managerial leadership capability.  Overhiring and underhiring creates dysfunction, and research shows that  65% of employees are mismatched to their roles.

Overhiring Leads to Underemployment Leads to Strained Manager – Direct Report Relationships

Over hiring results in untapped potential within your organization, and quickly leaves the overhired, hence underemployed, employee bored and frustrated.  This situation is the most common cause of strained manager – direct report relationships, and according to Gallup research, employee job satisfaction and tenure are directly tied to the quality of the relationship between the employee and manager.

Underhiring Leads to Wasted Time and Energy for the Manager and Direct Report

Underhiring creates a situation in which an employee simply will not be able to perform at the level of the role due to his current level of problem solving capability.  Despite honorable intentions of the part of the manager and employee, no amount of coaching or training will fix the situation.  Further, in order to get the work done, the manager will need to do it himself or assign it to the employee’s peer(s) which opens the door to resentment.

Interviewing for Raw Talent – A Critical Managerial Leadership Capability

This training course will teach managers how to design, conduct, and assess a problem solving interview to provide a window into a candidate’s problem solving capability level, aka raw talent.  It answers the question, experience and education aside, what raw mental bandwidth does this candidate currently possess?

Proven, Reliable, Valid – Unique

The training course is based upon a total-systems model for managerial leadership and organization design, Requisite Organization.  The model, developed by Elliott Jaques, is backed by over 50 years’ research.

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