Judging Employee and Candidate Potential

Matching Employees to Requisite Roles for Engagement and Productivity

Managers get work done through others.  Hence, a manager’s ability to match employees to roles will make or break his team’s ability to deliver.

Research shows 35% of employees have current potential either above or below that called for by their current role.  This issue is a major contributor to performance problems and team dysfunction.

This training course is designed to help managers place employees in roles in which they have the greatest likelihood of engagement and productivity.

This interactive half or full day training is designed to teach managers how to effectively interview a candidate to gain insight into his problem solving capability relative to the open role.

Additionally, this course will teach managers how to assess whether they are tapping the full potential of their current employees.

Proven, Reliable, Valid – Unique

The training course is based upon a total-systems model for managerial leadership and organization design, Requisite Organization.  The model, developed by Elliott Jaques, is backed by over 50 years’ research.

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What People are Saying

The leadership-potential judgments we made using PeopleFit’s Talent Pool Evaluation process over eight years ago have stood the test of time. The employees we identified as high potentials are handling very complex roles and have been very successful throughout a very turbulent time in the telecommunications industry.
Yolan Williams, Corporate Succession Planner, Bell Atlantic/Verizon