Managerial Diagnostics

Building Leadership Capability

Many managers hesitate to address performance issues because they are unsure about what is causing the problem.  In this course, they will gain the clarity they need to accurately diagnose dysfunction and swiftly take corrective action.

Alternating short teachings and practical application, this interactive, one-day training equips your managers with a powerful Requisite Mismatch Model for diagnosing the true cause of performance issues.

Managers enjoy testing their assumptions and applying their newly-gained knowledge to solve case studies involving common performance issues.

Key topic areas include:

  • The essential elements for employee engagement.
  • The essential elements for job competence.
  • The essential elements for effective leadership.
  • The greatest contributing factors to dysfunction – and how to avoid them.

Proven, Reliable, Valid – Unique

The training course is based upon a total-systems model for managerial leadership and organization design, Requisite Organization.  The model, developed by Elliott Jaques, is backed by over 50 years’ research.

Practical Value for Managers

After taking the course, our clients had this to say:

“I’ve worked for several of the largest financial institutions in America, and none of them ever provided training that was anything like this.  When I became a manager over 20 years ago they said, OK, you’re a manager now, go manage those people.”

“One of the biggest things I got out of it was a way to easily match people to jobs – to keep them challenged but not over their heads. I never had a clear way to do that before.  I would recommend this approach to others as I’ve seen it benefit my region, my employees, and our company as a whole.”

Training Options

Self-Paced Training

PeopleFit provides self-paced training materials as well as facilitator guides if you want to run training programs yourself. This is a quick and easy way to learn more about Requisite Organization, and is the first step to making your organization more productive and profitable.

Facilitator Training Materials

Some organizations want to bring training inside, and want to have their own facilitators lead the training. PeopleFit has a solution for this with the Facilitator’s version of Managerial Diagnostics. The facilitator’s version includes:

  • Video training program that can be presented to groups to get across core concepts
  • PowerPoint slide deck if the facilitator wants to lead the entire discussion
  • Facilitator’s Guide that covers approaches to training, room setup, and key facilitation issues

When ordering the Facilitator’s Pack, you will also need to order Participant Workbooks for each participant.

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Private Training for Your Leaders

PeopleFit delivers custom training for organizations as well. We can come on-site to work with your leadership team. Contact us today to schedule training and build a higher-performing organization.

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