Meaningful Mentoring

Managers as Day-to-Day Coaches, Managers-Once-Removed as Career Mentors

While managers play a vital role in employee effectiveness by coaching them to full capability in their current roles, the manager-once-removed is best suited for the role of mentor.  Managers-once-removed have the perspective necessary to counsel employees in long-term career development issues.

This half day training is designed to prepare managers-once-removed for success in their role as mentor.  We provide managers-once-removed with topics and templates for leading effective mentoring sessions.

Proven, Reliable, Valid – Unique

The training course is rooted in a total-systems model for managerial leadership and organization design, Requisite Organization.  The model, developed by Elliott Jaques, is backed by over 50 years’ research.

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Attention to long term career development via mentoring is an important part of organizational sustainability.  Call PeopleFit today to begin the path toward effective talent management through mentoring today.

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What People are Saying

Michelle Malay Carter is an expert in Requisite Organization, a science to performance management that takes the voodoo and guesswork out of promotions, job satisfaction, and compensation. I have had her speak several times to my consulting skills classes. In final evaluations, participants rated her 75 minutes session as the most “exciting,” “fascinating,” and “thought-provoking” of the entire 3.5 days. RO is not easy stuff – but Michelle makes it approachable and immediately applicable. I’m always on the lookout for ways to involve Michelle and recommend her heartily.
George Smart, Founder and CEO, Strategic Development Inc.