Results Through Matching Employee Capacity to the Complexity of the Work

Client situation: A regional bank encountered unexpected difficulties when introducing a new marketing strategy. The new process involved groups of customer contact employees. The employees were being asked to make specific follow-up contacts and to achieve certain quarterly results. During the introduction several of the groups expressed significant frustration with the new process and with the associated training.

Our response: PeopleFit® took three managers through the Talent Pool Evaluation process to get consensus on the complexity of the jobs and judgments of the capacity of the people. With the resulting data in hand, we were able to demonstrate that a different structure of jobs would be required to achieve the desired goals.

Result: The information showed that by adding the new marketing process, the client inadvertently made two of the groups of jobs more complex than they had been previously. Most of the employees in these jobs were judged as having potential below the new requirements. The client restructured the jobs to return them to their former level. New jobs were created at a higher level. As these were filled with people of appropriate capacity the goals were achieved.

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