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Client situation: A large and growing distribution organization was experiencing a shortage of promotable people at the general manager level. They desired to strengthen their process for the early identification of high potential people.

Our response: PeopleFit® conducted a demonstration of the Talent Pool Evaluation process with the Group Vice President and the Vice Presidents reporting to him. While this team was making judgments of the potential of their subordinates, the thinking process they were introduced to led them to recognize the cause of a number of problems
they were experiencing. Based on the demonstration, the process was rolled out in four divisions that year and the next year to the entire company of 12 business units and 9 service and support units.

Result: One hundred fifty managers were involved in judging current potential of 2,000 managers and professionals. Managers found the TPE process to be more effective than prior processes for judging potential because it got at the core issue of judging potential. In cases where individuals were judged to have potential significantly above their present job many were given the opportunity to move to higher level jobs. One year after those moves were made all were performing as predicted, none significantly better, none worse. The client is now in the third year of applying this process.

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