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Pit the most motivated employee against a dysfunctional system, and my money is on the system every time.  –paraphrased from Geary Rummler

Until emphasis is placed on creating management systems that enable productive work, organizations will continue to get in the way of their employees.

Our blog is dedicated to creating awareness surrounding a total system approach to managerial leadership, talent management, and organizational design that will unleash the full potential of employees.

We seek to shift the paradigm from trying to change employees to suit the organization to focusuing upon designing an organization that has reliable systems in place to align employee capabilities, gifts, and interests with the work that needs to be done.

Work has the potential to be a noble, highly-gratifying expression of a unique human soul.  Unfortunately, ignorance surrounding work levels and human capability cause organizations to unwittingly thwart and frustrate workers more often than they create conditions for the full expression of their gifts.

I’m OK.  You’re OK.  Let’s fix the system!

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