Judging Current Potential

Two Methods

There are two equally valid ways to judge current potential or one’s complexity of information processing (CIP). PeopleFit® uses one method, Talent Pool Evaluation, for assessing an organization’s current employees, and the other, Observation of Current Potential, is used for judging external candidates. Both methods are scientifically reliable and valid.

Talent Pool Evaluation – Internal Employees

This process relies on employees’ current managers and managers-once-removed to make the judgments. It is considered more trust inducing than having an outside expert make an assessment. PeopleFit guides managers through a structured process to determine at which level each of his or her employees is currently functioning.

PeopleFit® provides training to managers in order to give them a vocabulary and framework in which to think about complexity level of jobs and employee ability to handle complexity.

Once managers are trained to understand that there are distinct types of work, they can easily identify what type of work is required by each of the jobs reporting to them. Once each job is placed within a specific band of complexity (these layers are referred to as stratum). Once placed these familiar jobs can be used as reference points, we then look at each employee’s ability to perform the type of work called for within each stratum.

Observation of Current Potential – Screening External Candidates

This process involves a trained PeopleFit expert interviewing a candidate in order to engage him or her in the process problem solving.  The way that a candidate structures his or her argument and articulates his position directly corresponds to his or her capability level, which can be expressed in terms of strata.  Once a stratum level is established, it can be matched to the complexity level of a role to see if a candidate meets the minimum requirement, adequate CIP, for any role. (See Level of Work and Role Complexity) If one does not currently have the ability to handle complexity at the level required of a certain position, no amount of training, coaching, or personal will can change it so you need not waste your valuable time interviewing the candidate.

The actual content or topics discussed during the interview are less important than the full engagement of the person.  Therefore, candidates are free to discuss topics they are familiar with and have given some forethought to. The interviewing process can be done over the phone and takes only 45 minutes.  Once the interview is complete a transcription is made and assessed. Results are available within a week.

Narrow Your Interviewing Pool

Through this process, PeopleFit can quickly and easily tell you whether an external candidate meets the minimum requirement, adequate CIP, for any role.  Then, you can decide whether to spend your time interviewing the candidate.

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