What We Do

Get your workforce engaged or re-engaged.

PeopleFit is focused on delivering practical, predictable solutions to the toughest problems businesses face – fully engaging their workforces and assuring everyone is operating to the best of their ability in the right place in the organization.

In over 20 years of working with clients, we have found that using Requisite Organization helps managers diagnose people issues with stunning accuracy – rapidly and inexpensively. Requisite Organization has been around for over 50 years, and has been used successfully in the U.S. Army, Fortune 500, small, and mid-size companies and non-profits as well.

Most of your workforce are mis-fits.

The idea is that people are capable of a certain level of work. Place them above that level, and they fail. Place them below and they disengage. Either way, you get sub-optimal results. Beyond this, even when they are in the right role, if you give them a manager who cannot provide them appropriate leadership, you will, once again, get suboptimal results. Based on our research and work with clients, we have found that

65% of employees on average are mismatched to their role or manager.

Stated another way:

Only 35% of staff are in the right level of work and paired with the right manager for success.

PeopleFit uses the Requisite Organization model to uncover these issues and help executives create a fit-for-purpose organizational structure that supports the strategy of the organization.

Key times to get PeopleFit involved include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions – We help executives soundly design the new organization and assure that roles in the new organization are clearly defined and filled
  • New strategic initiatives – Once you’ve determined what your strategy is, we help assess whether it can be accomplished through your current talent and organization design or whether changes are necessary
  • People issues that are slowing you down – We train your leadership to unlock the secrets to common and specific issues with the people in your organization, letting you get back to work
  • Organizational design needs – When you want to optimize your organization, we help you assess your people and roles to assure the perfect fit between people, roles, and managers
  • Management training – Help your managers know how to diagnose common people issues and respond to them effectively and quickly
  • Leadership changes – New leadership often wants to start fresh and assure that nothing is holding back the organization, which is where we can help with a wide variety of services

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