Managerial Leadership

The Slippery Slope of Outsourcing Managerial Leadership

Effective managerial leadership is a critical component of strategy execution.  It is no coincidence that organizations have watched employee accountability and engagement erode as managerial authority has been systematically extracted from line managers and outsourced to human resources.

Although well intentioned, the trend toward outsourcing increasing components of managers’ “people work” has resulted in impotent managers and disengaged employees.  Managers don’t need to be relieved of their managerial accountabilities; they simply need a sane-making, integrated management system that equips and supports them in carrying out their accountabilities.

Equipping Managers for Effective Managerial Leadership

A requisite, total-systems approach to managerial leadership creates the conditions for managers and their teams to be successful by putting line managers back in the driver’s seat where they belong.

Managers appreciate PeopleFit’s requisite, work levels approach as it provides a framework, a common language and a consistent approach to job scoping, hiring, orientation, task assignment, feedback, development, felt-fair compensation, succession, and promotion – all operating at the hands of managers.

PeopleFit’s integrated approach to managerial leadership equips managers with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to write job descriptions, match people to roles, create effective task assignments, diagnose performance issues, and manage performance.

Creating an Accountability Culture

Within a requisite system, managers willfully assume accountability as they are given back the requisite authority they need to build their team and get work done.  Engagement soars as managers are equipped to provide their employees with meaningful leadership.

Contact PeopleFit today and start driving accountability and engagement with a total-systems approach to organization design, managerial leadership, and talent management.