Managerial Leadership Audit

Accountability and Engagement Starts with Leadership

An accountability and engagement culture can only be build at the hands of an organization’s line managers.  Hence, managerial leadership effectiveness is the only path to accountability and engagement.

Managerial Leadership Benchmarking

PeopleFit’s Leadership Audit is an effective way to measure the current state of managerial leadership within your organization.

We interview a random sample of employees regarding their experience with a variety of core managerial leadership practices.  The results elucidate system-level issues and requisite training requirements.

Integrated, Proven, Reliable, Valid – Unique

Our leadership audit is rooted in a total-systems model for managerial leadership and organization design backed by over 50 years’ research, Requisite Organization.   Because of this, all the components of this course support and reinforce one another.  Most organizations suffer at the hands of piecemeal leadership systems which create conflicts of interest that drive dysfunctional behavior.

Schedule a Leadership Audit

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