Requisite Managerial Leadership Framework Design and Implementation

Ineffective Approaches to Leadership

Most organizations take a default approach toward leadership, allowing what will be to be.  Others take an inconsistent piecemeal approach to leadership which spurs confusion, stress and disengagement.  Yet others, practice leadership by proxy by increasingly delegating leadership accountabilities to Human Resources.

Each of these approaches lowers employee engagement and undermines accountability as each is laced with conflicts of interest and inconsistencies which fuel dysfunctional behavior.

No contemporary organization would dream of leaving their IT system to default, but unfortunately, people systems are often a low priority.

Designing An Integrated Approach to Leadership for Accountability and Engagement

Designing a requisite, integrated approach to leadership is the first step toward an accountability and engagement culture and a requisite requirement for embedding your corporate values into your organization’s operations.

PeopleFit will partner with your executive team to give a voice to leadership within your organization.  We will facilitate a discovery process with your leadership team to explore and codify your organization’s core values and philosophy toward leadership to include universal expectations regarding managerial leadership practices, policies, and processes.

Consistency builds a culture of trust and fairness.  It is only from this place that organizations can expect accountability and engagement.

Implementation – Taking Your Leadership Framework from Paper to Practice

Because systems drive behavior, shape culture, and telegraph values, once your framework is completed, PeopleFit will work with you to institutionalize it through leadership-systems design aligned with your framework’s ideas, principles, and practices.

This occurs via a stage-step process of design, consulting, and training in partnership with your executive leadership and line managers.  Our proven implementation process guides executives and managers in leading change in a credible, trust-inducing manner.

Experience that Top Leaders Trust

If you are serious about building a requisite, accountabiltity and engagement culture, PeopleFit’s proven, science-based approach will integrate your talent assessment, organization design and managerial leadership into a coherent, sane-making macro leadership framework.  Call us to get started today.