Organizational Design

Organizational Design for Strategy Execution

Poor Organizational Design often wastes hundreds or thousands of hours and millions of dollars of consulting to develop strategies, but then assume the existing organization will be able to execute them. Without proper organizational deisgn to implement your strategy, it can fall flat, wasting significant resources.

Sound organizational design is the key to strategy execution and the ability to “live out” your corporate values.   If your organization creates innovative strategies but then struggles to translate them into action, PeopleFit can help you align your structure with your strategy through design.  If you’ve thoughtfully crafted a corporate values statement but have no best practices for embedding values into operations, we will help you create them.

Organizational Design Goals

PeopleFit’s approach to providing the best overall organizational design uses the proven Requisite Organization, work-levels approach allows for the natural translation of strategy and values throughout the organization from the conceptual ideas at the executive level to the concrete procedures at the face-to-customer level.  This design ensures each employee receives the level of communication and leadership they need to successfully engage in their job.

Embed Values into Operations

When organizations design a structure with exactly one role at each work level within a reporting chain, that design allows for the natural flow of work, communication, and leadership.  Consequently, the conceptual corporate strategy and values written at the executive level are systematically broken into successively smaller chunks until they play out at the concrete, procedural-based face-to-customer level.

Consequences of Poor Organizational Design

When poor design results in no role existing at a needed level of work, the translation chain becomes broken, as happens in flat organizations.  Conversely, when more than one role exists in a given level, the translation chain becomes too heavy, as happens in overly layered organizations.  There is a requisite number of layers required to fulfill a given strategic goal.

Experience You Can Trust

You can’t afford to leave your organizational structure to default or intuition.  There are validated, requisite design principles and natural laws surrounding organizational structure which will help you meet your strategy and live your corporate values. This is PeopleFit’s expertise.

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