Cross-functional Alignment Facilitation

Untapped Organizational Potential

Even the most operationally effective organizations fail to meet their full potential due to poor cross functional integration.  Quite often, horizontal relationship mapping is not practiced by organizations resulting in unnecessary confusion, cynicism and conflict.

PeopleFit’s unique, horizontal alignment process allows organizations systematically dismantle horizontal conflicts of interest that impede productivity and create ill-will.

Our science-based, three-step process includes:

  • Work level analysis.
  • Analysis and clarification of cross functional processes.
  • Clarification of accountabilities and authorities of all parties to the process.

Clarity Reduces Conflict and Enables Productive Work

Your employees will appreciate the clarity this process affords, as they are no longer left to resort to manipulation or force of personality to get their work done.  This unique process will do more to enable productive work across your organization than any other intervention.

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