Felt Fair Compensation Design

A Rapid, Straightforward Compensation Design Approach that Rings True with Employees

Using a science-based, work-levels approach to organization structure makes implementing a compensation structure that employees will feel is fair relatively straightforward.

A Research and Science-Based Approached

We partner with your organization’s executives and managers, who understand the work, to rapidly and consistently measure and categorize roles by complexity level.

Once the work is stratified by layer, universal compensation differentials based on decades of world-wide research are applied to each level.  Although the differentials remain constant, your compensation figures will be designed in the context of your market and industry standards.

Build Leadership Capability

Our internal manager-led approach builds internal leadership capability during the process.

Cost Effective

Because of our science based, universal role measurement system, each role need not be studied in excessive detail, saving you hundreds of hours of compensation analyst hours.  Call PeopleFit today and start engaging employees through felt fair pay.