Merger and Acquisition Structure Due Diligence

Designing for Strategic Intent

Merging organizations often fail to see the relationship between organizational structure and ability to realize the gains assumed by the strategic intent of the merger.

Mergers and acquisitions offer organizations a rare opportunity to restructure an entire organization in alignment with a newly-emerged operating strategy.

A Requisite Blueprint for Strategic Design

PeopleFit’s science-based, requisite work levels approach provides the blueprint for designing a horizontal and vertical structure to optimize effectiveness and strategy execution.  Requisite structure is a catalyst for the effective cascading of goals and values from the executive level to the floor, and our horizontal alignment process guards against the eruption of detrimental silos.

An Effective, Proven Process for Strategic Structural Design

Mergers rarely net the gains that were expected.  Attention to requisite structural design before, during, and after the merger process should be a vital part of your merger strategy to facilitate operational effectiveness and strategy execution in the new organization.

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