Talent Assessment

Strategy Execution through Requisite Talent Management

Effective talent management begins with the ability to accurately assess talent and potential.  Organizations that arm their line managers with the ability to accurately judge capability see improved strategy execution from the shop floor to the executive suite.

Accurate Talent Data for Strategy Execution, Succession Planning, and Leadership Development

PeopleFit’s proven Talent Pool Evaluation process allows organizations to assess their internal talent for strategic fit, succession planning, and leadership development planning.

PeopleFit’s Talent Pool Evaluation process will provide you with the answers to the following critical questions:

  • Are we adequately staffed to execute our strategy?
  • Do we have a requisite talent pipeline for future strategy execution?
  • Who are our high potentials?
  • Who are our expert mode employees?
  • Do we have underutilized talent?
  • Who is over committed?

Build Managerial Leadership Skills

Because the Talent Pool Evaluation process is carried out in partnership with line managers, the process will become a critical component of your leadership development as your managers will build powerful managerial competencies while engaged in the process.

Find Untapped Potential and Hidden High Potentials

PeopleFit’s research shows one in five employees is underutilized and not working at their highest potential.  PeopleFit helps organizations find untapped potential within their current organizations.  Frequently, an organization’s underemployed are also its high potentials.  Many are overlooked because when underemployed, they can be disruptive and under performing.  With today’s war for talent, don’t overlook high potential talent within your own organization.

External Executive Talent Screening

One poor placement at the executive-leadership level can take years to discover and more years to correct.  PeopleFit’s unique executive screening package assesses the cognitive capability of executive candidates relative to the complexity level of the role.  Our requisite work-levels approach substantially lowers the risk associated with hiring executive leadership, and provides a clear view of future capability development as well.

Merger and Acquisition Talent Due Diligence

Talent management and placement in a merger situation can be fraught with confusion and ambiguity.  PeopleFit’s science-based, universal measurements for job complexity and cognitive capability provide a requisite common language that allows for rapid, cross-organizational comparison of role complexity and raw talent.  With this requisite foundation, you can build a credible business case for your staffing decisions.

Make a Credible Business Case for Your Talent Management Decisions

Whether your talent assessment needs are internal, external or merger related, using PeopleFit’s requisite, science-based processes will provide you with a credible, business case explanation for your talent management decisions and rapid, accurate talent data for your strategic planning, succession planning, and leadership development planning.

The war for talent is on!  Contact us to make PeopleFit your ally in this battle today!