Cognitive Capability Assessment for Individuals

Exceptional performance in one role does not guarantee success in the next.  Impressive resume aside, how can you determine if an individual has the mental bandwidth necessary to deal with the complexities of a given role?  Conversely, how can you determine if someone with no experience is “trainable”?  Employee engagement and success evolves from proper placement.

Assessing Cognitive Capacity for Problem Solving

PeopleFit uses a proven, science-based work levels approach to matching candidate capability to roles.  Our cognitive capability assessment will tell you whether a candidate has the raw talent and problem solving capability equal to, above, or below the complexity level of any given role.

Mismatching Capability Creates Dysfunction

Our research shows that 35% of employees are mismatched, having cognitive capacity either above or below their roles, leaving them either bored and unchallenged or confused and incapable.  This reduces both productivity and engagement.

The Assessment Process – Rapid and Reliable

The cognitive assessent process takes place over the telephone.  Candidates simply engage in a 45-minute telephone interview.  A few days later, you will receive a detailed feedback report on the findings.

Employee Engagement through Proper Placement

Matching cognivite capacity to role level is the first step toward effective placement and employee engagement.  Call us to learn more about our cognitive capability assessment process today.