Executive Selection Screening Package

Matching Capability and Values

Exceptional performance in one role is not a predictor of success in the next.   Impressive resume aside, how do you know if an executive can perform and succeed in your executive suite?

Our executive leadership selection screening package will help you find an executive leader who has both the cognitive capacity to realize your strategic plans and a value set aligned with your organization’s culture.

To ensure an executive leadership match, we will assess and analyze:

  • Your organization’s 3 to 5 year strategic intent.
  • The complexity level of the executive role to determine requisite cognitive capacity called for by the role,
  • The executive candidate(s) current cognitive capacity,
  • Forecasted candidate cognitive capacity progression over time,
  • Executive candidate(s) personal values, preference, and personality data.

Feedback and Reporting

Our feedback report includes our findings on role complexity and corresponding candidate cognitive capacity.  The report narrative will discuss the strategic ramifications of each candidate’s capacity relative to the role.

In addition to providing candidate current potential, each candidate’s forecasted progression into the next level of complexity will be evident. This allows your board and executive team to forecast at what point in the future the candidate would be inclined to want to “take the business or function to a new level”.

Also included is a summary of key values and personality data and their level of alignment with your culture and executive team.

A Rapid, Reliable Process

The process, which can take as little as s week, consists of:

  • A telephone discovery process with board members, the CEO, and/or others who understand the scope of the executive role, the organization’s current situation, and future strategy.
  • A telephone interview with executive candidate(s). One hour per interview.
  • Candidate completion of an online strength based leadership inventory.
  • Analysis and report preparation.
  • Delivery of a feedback report with recommendations
  • A telephone feedback report debrief.

The Need for Due Diligence

Placement mistakes at the executive leadership level can take years to discover and rectify while your ability to deliver your strategy wanes.  This is a situation where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Call us to begin a reliable, science-based approach to executive selection screening today.