Merger and Acquisition Talent Due Diligence

Financial due diligence is an integral part of mergers and acquisitions; yet, the people, who are proclaimed to be an organization’s most important asset, are generally not considered.

Rapid Talent Pool Evaluation for Consistent Cross-Organizational Comparisions

PeopleFit’s science-based, universal measurements for job complexity and cognitive capability provide a requisite common language that allows for rapid, cross-organizational comparison of role complexity and raw talent.  With this requisite foundation, you can build a credible business case for your staffing decisions.   Further, leaders are not forced to resort to manipulation and stealth operations to ensure their staffing interests are met in the new organization.

Pre-Merger Agreement or Post

We can help organizations assess talent prior to entering into a merger agreement, or we can offer merging companies a science-based, valid way to match talent to roles in the new organization.

A Trust-Inducing, Proven Process for Staffing Decisions

Mergers rarely net the gains that were expected.  Strategic talent management before, during, and after the merger process should be a vital part of your merger strategy to maintain employee trust and engagement.

Because our process is science based, you can defend your staffing decisions with credible data.

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