Strengths-Based Leadership Inventory

Strengths-Based Leadership Starts with Authentic Understanding

Placing employees in roles that naturally align with their interest and gifts is the fastest route to employee engagement.  Our web-based Human Patterns Inventory provides comprehensive data that allows managers to drawn on their employees’ strengths and tap their full potential.

Maximum Data in Minimal Time

You will receive a detailed feedback report which presents the data in easy-to-read, graphical form highlighting areas of interest where employees will naturally apply their energy.

The Human Patterns instrument integrates 15 mainstream temperament and values models, such as Myers-Briggs and DISC, into one instrument to provide you with the most comprehensive data with minimal administration time.

Feedback Topics

The feedback report provides data in four main areas:

  • Work and Occupational Interests – Activities, Roles, Contexts, Occupational Interests.
  • Leadership, Management, & Training – Management Style, Leadership Style, Motivation, Training Structure, Listening and Attention, Thinking Style
  • Personal Style and Resources – World View, Keys To Character, Direction of Energy, Problem-Solving, Concerns, Basic Motivations, Path To Achievement, Values, General Resources, Duty, Self, Work Patterns.
  • Interpersonal Style and Resources – General Interpersonal Pattern, Fears and Dislikes, Reaction to Confrontation, Coping with Conflict, Interpersonal Resources, Small Group and Committee Behavior.

How Do I Get Started?

Employee engagement begins with authentic understanding of individual gifts.  Call PeopleFit today to begin your journey toward strength-based leadership with the Human Patterns instrument.