Talent Pool Evaluation for Strategy Execution, Succession Planning, and Leadership Development

Strategic talent management begins with accurate employee capability data.  Our proven talent pool evaluation process is a rapid, reliable way for you to assess your internal talent for strategic fit, succession planning, and leadership development.

Rapid Results

After providing your managers with a science-based, common language to discuss and differentiate work and employee capability, the judgment process for an entire department within an organization can take as little as a half day.

Strategic Talent Planning Data

The data collected provides a reliable basis for your strategic talent planning to include:

  • Succession plans
  • Training and development plans
  • Recruiting plans
  • Promotion decisions

Strategic Talent Analysis Data

After completing the talent pool evaluation process, you will be able to assess both the short and long term strength of your talent pool to answer the following questions.

Short term strength of your talent pool:

  • Are we adequately staffed to meet our current needs?
  • Who is underutilized, representing untapped potential and a turnover risk?
  • Who is over committed and in need of reassignment?
  • Who will be ready for promotion now or in the near future?
  • Who will be comfortable in their current position for years to come?

Long term strength of your talent pool:

  • Are we adequately staffed to execute our 3 to 5 year strategic goals?
  • How will each person’s potential increase over time and how does this match our predicted talent needs?
  • Who are our high potentials in need of breath of knowledge?
  • Who are our experts in need of depth of knowledge?

Build Leadership Capability During the Process

Because the talent pool evaluation process begins with a managerial training component and is carried out in direct partnership with your line managers, you will be building vital managerial leadership capability throughout the process as well.

Experience that Top Leaders Trust

Having partnered with managers to judge the capability of nearly 6,000 employees, PeopleFit has the experience to help you accurately assess your internal talent.

The war for talent is on.  PeopleFit can be a powerful ally for you in this battle.  Call us today.