Why PeopleFit?

At PeopleFit, we believe that:

  • Employees are your only sustainable competitive advantage.
  • If you take care of your people, they will take care of business.
  • Management decisions should be based on an objective, scientifically proven system…
  • and that system should be based on fairness and trust for all involved.

Building High-Performance Cultures

Since 1981, PeopleFit has helped clients improve their systems and processes for organization design, talent assessment, and managerial leadership. PeopleFit transformed a total-systems model, Requisite Organization, into functional tools and practical training which allow you to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your organization.

We provide expert analysis, proven processes, and leadership training to help your organization:

  • Structure your organization for strategy execution
  • Evaluate talent for succession planning and strategic talent management
  • Build managerial leadership capability and executive leadership competencies
  • Clarify accountabilities and authorities to enable productive work and build trust.
  • Embed corporate values into operations
  • Screen executive-level talent

Recognized internationally as an expert in applying a Requisite approach to organizations, our seasoned team of consultants and partners are committed to developing your organization’s ability to deliver on its promises to employees, customers, and shareholders.