Requisite Organization

Requisite Organization is the Key to High Performance

Requisite Organization is an approach to purposefully designing an organization that properly leverages people’s capabilities in a role best suited for both the person and the organization.

Work is a psychological imperative for humans, and as such, it has the potential to be a noble, highly-gratifying expression of a unique human soul.

Unfortunately, ignorance surrounding work levels and human capability cause organizations to unwittingly thwart and frustrate workers more often than they create conditions for the full expression of their gifts.

Requisite Organization is all about Values-Driven Behavior

Systems drive behavior and communicate values. Most management systems within organizations lack coherent integration and create stressful conflicts of interests. Because of this, most organizational dysfunction can be traced to deficient systems and not individual employee shortcomings.

However, most mainstream management models focus on fixing individual employees through training or coaching, rather than addressing systemic issues that drive dysfunctional behavior.

There’s a better way – Requisite Organization. Find out more.

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